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We need your help! Our forgotten community has been severely damaged due to decades of neglect and needs to be rebuilt in a way that benefits, uplifts and reflects the majority population of the community. With the community on the verge of major redevelopment we want to be at the forefront by developing a one-stop community resource “incubator space”.

Our proposed community “incubator space” will feature an Art Gallery/ Boutique, a “Think Tank” meeting space for consulting Carnegie Mellon graduate students, meetings space, work space, manufacturing space and development labs. It will also double as a community resource center, distributing informative literature, presenting social structural change programming, lectures and a place to hold fundraising and other community events.


Design: $5,000

Materials: $70,000

Labor: $10,000

Graduate student consulting fee (first 2yrs) $60,000

Landscaping: $5,000

Total: $150,000

The majority will be covered by Grants, partners, and private donors, and for the remaining $30,000, we're looking for the humanity and support of the public. Remember no amount is too small and every cent counts.

We're looking to begin construction in early 2019

How would you like to support?


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