Sprint to the Finish!

An AZ Tax Credit Campaign for NLC Families


Are you ready to make a difference in the life of a family escaping domestic violence?

On your mark… get set… GIVE!

When you make a gift to New Life Center’s “Sprint to the Finish” AZ Tax Credit Campaign for NLC Families, you become a part of the solution to create safer communities by helping one child and one family at a time overcome the trauma of violence in their homes.

Plus, gifts to New Life Center are eligible for tax credit*!

We love the fact that not only do our donors give back by supporting NLC… but they GET something back, as well!  

Here are some quick facts about the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit Program:

1) Donating to New Life Center costs you NOTHING!

The truth is, when you make a financial contribution to New Life Center, you only have to part with your money for a little while.  If you file income taxes in Arizona, your gift will reduce your tax liability or increase your refund- up to $400 if you file as an individual and up to $800 if you file as a couple.

2) The deadline is April 15, 2019!

If you donate before April 15, your contribution could still be credited toward your 2018 income taxes. Don't miss out!

3) You can make multiple tax credit gifts.

In the same year, you are able to take advantage of multiple tax credit programs including: the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit (your gift to New Life Center!), the Public School Tax Credit, the Private School Tuition Tax Credit, the Foster Care Credit opportunity, and more! 

On average the last three years, New Life Center served more than 1,000 children and adults annually through our emergency shelter and outreach support programs. More than 70% of New Life Center’s shelter population is children. Typically, NLC serves more children than any other single facility providing emergency shelter to domestic violence survivors in Arizona each year.

New Life Center’s annual budget is $3.3 million. Forty-three percent of our funding comes from federal funding sources through competitive grant opportunities….14% of our funding comes from the proceeds of our thrift store Hope’s Closet…. and the rest of our budget is funded through the generosity of our local community, including donors like YOU!

With only five months to go until the end of our fiscal year, it is now truly a “Sprint to the Finish” to ensure we raise enough money to guarantee that our doors are always open to families in need of safety, shelter and support.

Your gift today will allow us to say "YES" to a family in crisis tomorrow.  Thank you for caring!  Thank you for making a difference.

*New Life Center is not a financial or tax advisor. Please speak with a tax consultant to discuss your specific financial situation.

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