Pepper & Nate's New Enclosure

They're moving in together! Help us create a swank new pad for this couple!






Pepper & Nate two critically endangered Northern White-Cheeked Gibbons are moving in together that means it's time for a new enclosure.  But we want to make sure we start them off right. 

To maintain our position as innovators in the field of gibbon care, we need to overhaul our current enclosure design.  A redesigned enclosure will allow us to implement our expert knowledge of gibbon locomotion, behavior, and social dynamics.

Our goal is to create a prototype enclosure

that would both improve and enrich the gibbons’ well being and also enhance the visitor experience. A primary component in general gibbon husbandry is family dynamic.  We provide consultation to zoos on when to and how to intervene in a family group, introduction of new pairs, separating out offspring, hand-rearing and introduction of hand-reared offspring.  The design of an enclosure can be crucial at these times and we feel that we know how to provide a better system to take care of our own gibbons as well as those within our community.  We have been working with

J Brent Hoerner Structural Engineering, Inc

on the design. We are eager to provide this enclosure design to the greater gibbon community before a new facility is built or before a renovation takes place. Our expertise would give us the ability to create an enclosure that would be a significant improvement for gibbons and keepers alike.


Our proposed enclosure would encompass 3 separate areas to shift and manage growing gibbon families; a primary enclosure for housing a family or pair, a secondary enclosure for introduction or temporary housing and a shift/tunnel for capture if the need arises.  The enclosure will have a heated platform for cold days as well as insulated sleeping boxes during cold nights.  High-pressure misters and shade tarps will help cool the habitat in the summer months.  The prototype enclosure will have a similar footprint as our old enclosures, but with 10ft added to the height and with the option to expand.  The enclosure can also be taken apart and transferred to a new location.  The new design would also showcase a new multiple octagon layout with varying heights and peaks for gibbons to explore.   Visitors will get to enjoy watching the gibbon’s naturalistic movement while learning from caregivers about behavior, individual family dynamics, and their own daily impact on the gibbons’ habitat. We hope that the model will educate and inspire visitors on the importance of environmental protection and stewardship.


We have already received $20,000 from the Henry Mayo Newhall foundation and we are looking to raise an additional $80,000.

                                                            We would like to offer you the opportunity to help us achieve our vision. We have tons of exciting perks.                                                                 Corporate Sponsorships available please inquire with 

We do have an alternative plan if we can not meet our full goal and if we surpass our goal. 


We plan to have a special event to unveil the final design to all our supporters.  Please consider helping us reach our goal.

Thank You!!!


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