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        Every year, ICHA provides citywide YMCA memberships to High School athletes who volunteer for community services, play one-wall and four-wall handball, and display high levels of sportsmanship at all times. We want to continue to give junior players a chance to receive these memberships and we need your help in doing so!

        Your donation helps provide funding for citywide YMCA memberships to High School athletes, and provide funding to New York City YMCA to maintain their handball training facilities for junior players. Not only are you giving these athletes a membership, you are helping them stay out of trouble while motivating them to succeed!

        ICHA strongly believes that all junior players should deserve a chance to thrive both in handball and in life. All donations are needed and since ICHA is a 501C3 Charitable organization, all donations are 100% tax deductible. Join our cause today and support the juniors!

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