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An appeal from SowHope's President & CEO, Mary Dailey Brown:

Recently, I learned very troubling statistics and facts about the treatment of women in areas where SowHope serves. Approximately 3 million people are currently enslaved in the Middle East and North Africa. There are reports of women and children being captured, sold into slavery, and held in horrible conditions by ISIS. The disturbing trend of “temporary” or “tourist” marriages, whereby traveling men take a wife for the duration of their visit, is a widespread problem. Women and girls are forced into sexual servitude and labor by their so-called “husbands”. The women left behind are shunned and find it difficult to find a traditional suitor, especially if the temporary marriage resulted in children. Worst of all, some girls are even being willingly sold by their families. Truly, profit and greed are the biggest motivators in one of the fastest growing and most profitable crime industries in the world.

While traveling in the Middle East and North Africa, I visited SowHope partners who are working every day to help women who are physically and sexually abused, caught in prostitution, or at risk of being prostituted and trafficked. It was heartbreaking to meet these women and hear their stories. One woman, Abia (her name changed for security purposes), told me that her brother physically and sexually abused her from a very young age. When she became pregnant, her family disowned and discarded her – defending her brother and perpetrator for fear of bringing shame on the entire family. Before she heard about the rehabilitation center that SowHope supports, Abia had nowhere to go. She felt worthless and destitute.

Through SowHope projects funded by donors like you, our partners are combating the terrors of abuse by holistically caring for women. This includes facilitating the sustainable reintegration of women and children into new communities. Training in leadership, language, and vocational skills inspires transformation in the lives of refugee women, one of the most vulnerable groups to trafficking. Finally, our partners work to rescue, heal, and rehabilitate women in or at risk of trafficking and prostitution. Women like Abia are experiencing new life, life they never thought possible. Although these projects have been incredibly successful, there are still many women like Abia in need.

You have an opportunity to help

With your support, we hope to raise $50,000 to support women in the Middle East and North Africa in the next year. We want to meet women’s needs by helping build a 9-story rehabilitation center for abused women, including living quarters for the women, healing, and vocational training. We also want to promote self-reliance and independence through the safe and sustainable reintegration of women and refugees. Today, I am asking you to consider give toward these projects and help women like Abia.

There is a time-limited opportunity to double the impact of your gift, up to $10,000. Thank you for your continued commitment to sowing hope in the developing world.


Mary Dailey Brown

Mary Dailey Brown

President & CEO



P.S. Please consider making as generous a gift as you can.  Remember that your donation will be doubled! 


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