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We offer a special interdisciplinary mentoring initiative Kung Fu Class taught by Olympic medalist, Sifu Derrick P. Whitlow I of Whitlow’s Academy of Wu Gung Tao. It is a one hour interdisciplinary Martial Arts Class for young people that focuses on critical thinking, self-control and good decision-making and focus.

They meet once a week (2 hours) as an exclusive incentive program for the under-served boys and girls.

It’s designed to develop character, discipline, respect, positive behavior, critical thinking and healthy eating/nutrition personal etiquette and role-modeling through individual and group mentoring.

A healthy snack and bottled water is provided after the class

Meet Sifu Whitlow - Dr. Derrick P. Whitlow II, affectionately known, as “Sifu Whitlow” is the Founder and CEO of the School of Wu Gung Tao.

Grand Master Shifu Hen Loi Wei BKA Sifu Derrick P. Whitlow, I is the African-American descendant of Wu Clan of Henan Province of China - student of Shifu Loi Wei - deceased March 2001) and an Olympic Gold Medalist in the U.S. Olympics (1999-2000)

Sifu Derrick P. Whitlow, I his Grand Master Loi Wei of the Wu Clan of China (1998-2001) studied the system in Henan Province of China. Sifu Whitlow. He is the founder of the School of Wu Gung Tao.

Wu Gung Tao is a combination of Ancient Gung Fu Systems: Shaolin Long Fist (Lohan), Wing Chun (Southern Fist), Ny Ying Ga (5 Animal Style/ also known as 5 Star Fist).

Muay Thai (Buddha Boxing) and Northern Chinese Kickboxing, and Tai Chi Chuan

He teaches arts that are traditionally Chinese based which include Shaolin long-fist, Ny Ying Ga (five star fist/five animal systems), Northern Gung Fu, Wu Wing Chung and Southern fist systems. The academy also offers non traditional systems such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and westernized boxing techniques.

So how a youth/teen participates - A student may be refered to our program by a parent, counselor, school pr

Monthly Tuition
Youth ages 5-12 - $70.00
Teens ages 13-17 - $90.00
Young Adults 18 + - $100.00 

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