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Our Mission: No More Dirty Radio Show – Is to positively influence and transform urban and post-modern culture; to promote good citizenship, successful quality of life and call-to-action through relatable and uplifting music, messages,inspiration, businesses, community engagement and collaborations.

Why Underwrite? No More Dirty Radio Show

We would like to ask that you consider underwriting in 2018 on our radio show. As a No More Dirty Show Sponsor, we will promote and

share your businesses message, products and services on two #1 radio stations (103.1FM/92.1FM), two states and regions (North Alabama and Southern Tennessee).

We’re Unique? No More Dirty Radio Show -

Huntsville Listenership: 186,254 - 103.1FM/92.1FM Listenership forthcoming) 

Demographics: 84,796 – African-American Adults (ages12-54) / 12-30% Other Minorities

Marital Status: 27.9% Married / 57.4% Single or Never Married / 6.9% Divorced

Children under 18: 65.1% Families w/1 or more children / 39.4% Families w/2 or more children

Education: 29.0% have some College Education / 12.9% have a College Degree or better

Annual Household Income: 19.0% $75,000 + / 42.1% $35,000 + / 32.6% $55,000 +In addition, your business joins us in a collaborative effort to (a) making our communities and cities wonderful and better places to live; (b) become good neighbors; (c) learn to value and appreciate diversity, justice, culture, equality, ethnicity, faith and (d) promote clean media, message and outlets of entertainment for the entire family.

Together we will impact and transform lives in this region for the good. Again, thank you for taking time to read this proposal and your support.

Who Are We: No More Dirty Radio Show – The “No More Dirty Radio Show” is a unique broadcast produced and hosted by Frederick Whitlow II aka Minister Fred II. The “No More Dirty Radio is not only #1 for the cleanest and Inspirational Hip-Hop and Urban Music in this syndicated region and we host live on the #1 Urban Contemporary, #1 Hip-Hop and R&B station in our region. 

Minister Fred II and his team, Coach Joe and DJ Sam Smite air live every Sunday evening from 6-7pm CST on WEUP’s stations, 103.1FM North AL and 92.1FM Northern TN, via the 103.1weup smartphone app and online at 

The “No More Dirty Radio Show” is a radio broadcast that tackles “hard-to-talk-about” 21st century topics/subjects that affect our listeners, city and business community in a way that helps us gain necessary tools to bounce back from their circumstances and reach their lifelong goals and their “American Dream.” Knowing that there those with the greatest needs and challenges, we share post-modern solutions and urban motivation, intervention, strategies solutions that build better todays and tomorrows. The music we play is uplifting, positive and encouraging in nature. We feature the best in Urban, Contemporary, Inspirational, Spoken Word, Conscious, Clean (non-vulgar messages and/or profanity) and Christian Hip-Hop. “We Feature The Best and Cleanest Music In The Industry!”

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