“Through the untiring activities of spiritual workers, humanity shall be initiated into a new life of abiding peace and dynamic harmony, unconquerable faith and unfading bliss, immortal sweetness and incorruptible purity, creative love and infinite understanding." - Discourses, current 7th edition, p.349.

Avatar Meher Baba alone does his work, but he gives us the opportunity to help in service, and to enjoy each other and our love for God together.

What better way to do all these things than at the Second Annual Circle of Friends Birthday Gala at the CIRCLE CENTER!!! It's the place to be on May 12, 2018, when we will share our past year's accomplishments in community service and outreach, and our vision for the next year or more. And we couldn't do it without YOU!!! Enjoy wonderful fellowship and excellent abundant food with kindred spirits in God's love!  And, on this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend, Moms are very welcome!

The Circle Center’s Second Annual Birthday Gala is your opportunity for fellowship and service in Meher Baba's name! Thanks to God, and the support of his devoted community, The Circle Center is now an established and thriving institution and resource, and is entering a new phase – we are primarily supported by non-board-member donations! That's You!!!

This year’s Birthday Gala will be more than just a celebration.! Absolutely there will be great music by Billy Goodrum (and other musical performers), great food by Masala Restaurant, door prizes and art giveaways, and hours of conversation and  laughter. More than all that, it will be your opportunity to show your support and commitment to keeping our doors (yes, we now have doors and a quiet space!) open, and keeping a place for arts, service activity, meetings, and community events to continue in Meher Baba’s name. 

The monthly auto-draft pledges have been remarkably successful and are proof positive our community values The Circle Center. We will be requesting pledges from you to keep this communal expression of Meher Baba's Infinite Love and Generosity a viable gathering place for Him. More than ever, we rely on donor and volunteer participation to sustain The Circle Center. Give what you can from the heart. We are seeking to raise about $6000 at this Gala which, with your ongoing support, will keep The Circle Center open for another year.

You must register here by Friday, May 11th if you wish to have dinner, which is on us! (You will not be guaranteed a dinner if you do not make a reservation.) If you have any questions, we are happy to help, just let us know at or call 843-421-1479 (D.Wolderding).

We look forward to seeing you at the Second Annual Gala! It won't be the same without YOU!