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The Ultimate Gift

Don't know what you want for your Birthday? Then this campaign is the perfect gift suggestion!

Donate your Birthday is an initiative by ERP that allows those who have an interest in the welfare of Elephants, Rhino and People to share this with friends and family.

Elephants, Rhinos & People ( was founded to preserve and protect Southern Africa‚Äôs wild elephants and rhinos through a strategy that is based on rural poverty alleviation. In order to accomplish its mission, ERP carefully selects projects based on their potential to create economic engines for impoverished rural communities in areas adjacent to threatened elephant and rhino populations. Armed with an Ashoka-accredited poverty alleviation model, and by having a multifaceted team positioned to tackle poverty, ERP is able to address the welfare of elephants and rhinos in an unusual but effective manner. ERP brings over 20 years of experience in community relations, poverty alleviation, and impact investment in infrastructure, so as to achieve sustainable, non-lethal wildlife conservation.

By creating your own personal campaign you are making a very special day an unforgettable gift to those who need it most.

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