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"I remember being a lost kid trying to figure it out. Becoming discouraged and even hopeless at times, trying to dodge the pitfalls that young black men go through daily. Having positive role models saved my life!" - K.T.




PROUD-2-MENTOR is a fundraising campaign designed to raise awareness about our mission and shine light on emerging social issues such as - the lack of positive role models, failing students, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Proud2Mentor is the Blu Collar Group's initiative to create a platform of social change in our communities by addressing these barriers and solutions towards increasing positive mentors and long-term stability. With a two-pronged approach we will provide mentorship services to students experiencing disengagement complications, while also campaigning to tackle the heart of the problem. 

Our Mission: To expose at-risk youth, ages 11-18, who lack vital resources to successful career exploration options. 

Our Values: Commitment. Growth. Inspiration. Loyalty. Integrity.


Countless students in local urban communities are not getting the outlets, structure, nor oversight they need to thrive and excel in today's society. During the day, after-school and when idle youth are falling through the cracks of life, not living up to their potential, wasting their talents, and unfortunately some are losing their lives. The short comings in the education system and in the community creates hardships for students. I.e., the "School-to-prison pipeline". Local schools are being affected by poor attendance, low performance scores, and lack of engagement. This is a huge and scary issue that many desperately want a solution and will invest to have this issue resolved.

In the U.S., the number of disengaged youth (those who are not actively engaged in school or the workforce) between the ages 16-24 is currently at least 6.7 million. Several root factors are transforming a social issue into a economic cost to our culture, the government and society as a whole.

  • disengaged youth comprise 17 percent of individuals ages 16-24 and represent a total social burden of $4.745 trillion
  • $65.8 billion, estimated loss in potential earnings of the U.S. disengaged youth population per year
  • $306,906 - is the lifetime cost of a high school dropout to the government

Effective investment can reduce the societal and government burden of disengaged students. Currently the total burden on taxpayers over the lifetime of one 16-year-old disengaged youth is $258,240.

And this is why we'd like YOUR support!

  • Increase quality mentorship opportunities for KC students
  • Boost students academics, self-efficacy, & career exploring opportunities
  • Help give a voice to those students without one and bring together disparate voices to create a collective roar
  • Lead to permanent independency and social change in Kansas City communities
  • Create conversations, actions & solutions
  • Raise funding for program expansion  

PictureThe central program of Blu Collar Group, PORJECT H.Y.P.E. is our custom-designed pilot mentoring program that focuses primarily on youth Character and Career development for middle and high school students. Virtual matches meet at least once-twice a week during school via safe online portal. All matches meet in participating school's designated room with students using their computers to log into the portal. Matches may meet during school, and before and after lunch. Teachers, administrators and counselors help lead the selection process as they know the students best. Special guests, motivational speakers, and community volunteers are all invited to signup to mentor with the students and share relatable experiences.

PROJECT H.Y.P.E. offers aspiring mentors a chance to build a relationship by offering guidance, support, and encouragement to help the young adult's positive and healthy development over a period of time.

Blu Collar Group strives to provide underserved children and teens the social and educational opportunities to connect with a structured quality mentorship program where mentoring relationships are safe, effective and enduring. “We believe if you can offer them a continuous, genuine, supportive adult that offers guidance and encouragement, you can change their lives!”

Program participants may receive a range of services from the following areas:

  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Character & Leadership Development
  • Financial Literacy Development
  • Network building

Fundraising Goals:

  • $80,000 
  • Sign up 100 students
  • Obtain 3 major donors
  • 250 people join our mailing list
  • 10 corporate sponsors

Sponsorship Levels

$10,000 - Title Sponsor

$5,000 - Advocate 

$2,500 - Partner 

$1,000 - Supporter 

$500 - Friend 

By reaching our goal you will help the Us:

    • Conduct 100 youth-to-mentor matches
    • Independently fund H.Y.P.E. (Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence) Program expansion
    • Strengthen the organization's infrastructure
    • Boost volunteer involvement
    • Increase public awareness
    • Identify our core support market
    • Save kids from the "education-to-prison" pipelines

    Help support 

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    Become a Fundraiser - Help maximize donations by becoming a Fundraiser using our Peer-to-peer fundraising method!

    We appreciate all of your support!




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