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The mission of the Music Resource Center–Cincinnati is to inspire teenagers in a culturally diverse and musically focused setting to elevate lifetime and academic achievement. Our belief is that music is unique in that it has the power to unite diverse groups of people and is a disciplined and immediate gateway to emotional awareness. Teens who participate regularly in music not only hone their abilities to focus, think, organize, and work with others but begin to master their own, often challenging, emotional lives. Many under-served teens are on the path to causing harm to themselves and those around them through drug abuse, violence or wrongful conduct. They can avoid that path by taking a constructive opportunity to deal with their emotions and direct their desire for expression.

Music provides both. Music Resource Center makes it accessible.

When making a gift to the Music Resource Center you are making a difference in the lives of teens in our community. We thank you for your support and for believing in our mission!

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