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Believe Ranch and Rescue is a 501C3 founded by Siri Lindley and Rebekah Keat, both ex-world champion athletes.

Bek and Siri have always been huge animal lovers and activists,  they have close ties with many rescues and supported the organizations that protect animals from cruelty and abuse for many years.

Every year over 100,000 horses are sent to Mexico and Canada ,where they are shipped in terribly inhumane conditions to be slaughtered for human consumption. Bek and Siri decided they must do something immediately. In their first year of establishment in 2017 ,Bek and Siri saved 40 horses from feedlots and auctions and re- homed them to loving for ever homes.

There are so many horses in need of saving, but unfortunately they can’t save them all.

Just recently this beautiful girl “Zelda” was saved from the feedlot. Unfortunately no one wanted to help her , she was on her way to Mexico or Canada to be slaughtered for meat. Fortunately her heroes appeared, Bek and Siri stepped in and saved her from that horrific experience. 

As you can see sweet Zelda has a crippled leg , a broken fetlock bone that had been left untreated for several years. This has left Zelda crippled and struggling to walk on her front left leg. Zelda is in high spirits and such a zest for life! She does not allow her disability to get her down, some how this beautiful mare has managed a way to get around and defy all medical odds in doing so!

She is so full of life and energy for someone that is been through so much trauma.

Bek and  Siri are raising funds to be able to give her surgery,so she can have the best possible to chance to walk normally again and to walk  pain free.

Fortunately after much discussion with CSU and other leading orthopedic surgeons and farriers, all have agreed she is a very good candidate for an osteotomy. A team have assessed her X-rays and her temperament and agreed she is a great candidate for this surgery. This team of highly skilled people have agreed to work closely together to try and ensure the best possible outcome. 

Believe Ranch and Rescue wants to be able to offer Zelda the best life possible that she so deserves! The cost of the surgery will be approximately $18,000.

Please donate now and lets give this gorgeous girl the freedom run she has been waiting for for so long!

(Believe Ranch & Rescue is a 501c3 so can be made tax deductible)

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