Peace Meal 2018

Ivorian and Liberian Solidarity Dinner & Village Dance Party



Fundraising for BRAID Africa

Saturday, June 9th, 2018 | 5:30-10:00 PM

Los Altos Hills, California

The Kafenia & friends invite you to the…..

2nd Annual Community Peace Meal

celebrating our diversity and all of us touched by war and conflict

2018 Theme: Ivorians and Liberians Building Solidarity as they Heal from War & Trauma

Community Celebration & Fundraiser for: BRAID Africa, a non-profit supporting resilience among Liberians/Ivorians rebuilding their lives TOGETHER in western Liberia.

This evening is not like a typical event - we invite you to come and enjoy Amazing West African Food & Great Music to Dance,hang out, connect, be together and really experience the African spirit, spearheaded by Rachel Dickins who grew up in Côted'Ivoire and now lives in Silicon Valley.

Our Annual Community Peace meal is a chance to celebrate our local diversity and inclusiveness while supporting those affected by war & trauma. It is a friendraiser and a fundraiser - this year for BRAIDAfrica's work in Liberia with Ivorian and Liberian survivors of two different civil wars. First, the Liberians fled to Côte d'Ivoire, and then, when violence struck Côte d'Ivoire, the families were welcomed into Liberia where they have chosen to settle. Rather than support just one group, BRAID Africa supports everyone in the village to help them rebuild their lives.

Most of your ticket, as well as any donations we receive that evening, will go to support what the families in this remote part of Liberia want: normalcy. And normalcy for them, after so much trauma, is for their kids to go back to school. If we raise $10,000, we can rebuild the school where 150 children are attending.

It's in an amazing setting under an old fig tree with evening lights, cobblestone and olive trees. It's really a village feeling all around!

Music with:

Fely Tchaco also of Côte d'Ivoire will share songs, along with KALW's AfricaMix DJ Emmanuel Nado!

The Peace Meal is a community celebration led by our friends who have personally felt the effects of war and conflict. The Annual Peace Meal is organized by the Kafenia, friends and community members. The Kafenia is a Greek village cafe and gathering space in Palo Alto. This cafe is a home base for all of the global-hearted women (& men) here in Silicon Valley who long for a place of welcome, friendship, understanding and peace. We gather monthly and will be opening a permanent location. Feel free to email or call for more info: or


Rachel, Gina, Maria, Alison, Patti, Gregoire, Josephine, Mohamed & MJ

Peace Meal Organizing Committee

P.S. Special thanks to Anna Badkhen whose book "Peace Meals:Candy Wrapped Kalshnakovs and Other War Stoiries" is the inspiration for the name of these gatheirngs. She has a new book about a carpet-weaving village in Afghanistan out that looks amazing too.

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