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After seeing the CNN story on Access Books, a Chicago resident was moved to support our mission of providing underserved libraries with great books and a warm, welcoming space. Since lack of school library funding is not unique to California, we are partnering with this individual to fundraise for Mary Lyon Elementary in Chicago. Our goal is to provide 6,000 books along with comfortable furniture and murals to make the library more inviting. On August 31, 2018, local Chicagoans will work alongside Access Books staff to transform the library space. We hope that Chicago schools will take our service model and run with it, fulfilling our mission of providing great books and inviting libraries, one school at a time. 

Lyon Elementary is in the heart of Chicago. It serves 1400 students, but sadly, has only 7,000 books in the library. The most recent year of publication is 2000. Access Books staff have worked collaboratively with Sandy Blake, the wonderful Lyon librarian, and the Chicago Public School System's library services, to develop an engaging, relevant, and diverse book donation for the school. 

Please consider donating to support this under-resourced school. All donations will go toward books and furniture for the library. Our mission of achieving equity in literacy opportunities is only possible because of your volunteer and donor support. Thank you!

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