York Street Project's 19th Annual Golf Outing

Teeing Up Against Homelessness





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The mission of York Street Project is to weave innovative programs 

that shelter, feed, educate and promote the healing and independence 

of persons in need, especially women and their children.  We have 

enjoyed 29 years of generosity from our supporters, and are very 

thankful. Our approach to challenge the housing, educational, and 

child-support barriers that prevent self-sustainability in homeless and 

low-income families continues to improve the lives of those we serve.  

Without your support, our programs would not be possible.

When: Monday September 17th, 2018

Where: Arcola Country Club, Paramus, NJ

Schedule of Events:    

    Registration & Lunch - 11am-12:15pm

    Shotgun Start - 12:30pm

    Cocktail Reception & Awards Dinner - 5:30pm-8:00pm

Donations of $50 will help:
  Educate one Kenmare High School student for a school day
  Safely house one St. Joseph’s Home resident for a night

Donations of $200 can:
  Provide a St. Mary’s resident with food and essential utilities* for one month
  Supply one child at The Nurturing Place with their yearly school materials

Donations of $500 can:
  Cultivate a special Arts & Culture experience for all Kenmare H.S. students
  Support one St. Joseph’s resident with 5 months of social support services**

Donations of $1200 can:
  Support one St. Mary’s resident with three weeks of safe and affordable housing
  Inspire a child at The Nurturing Place with a year of educational activities

Donations of $3,500 can:
  Provide all Kenmare High School students with a special field trip experience
  Nourish four St. Joseph’s Home residents with a yearly supply of food

Donations of $5,000 can:
  Feed every resident of St. Mary’s Residence for an entire month
  Educate 80 children in The Nurturing Place for one day

  *water, electricity
**mental health services, housing assistance, substance abuse, educational planning, and more

Our Programs Need Your Support

Kenmare High School is an accredited alternative high school that offers education as well
as practical training in job and life skills for women.

St. Joseph’s Home is a safe and structured living environment for single mothers and
their children that guides and supports them as they transition to new independent lives.

St. Mary’s Residence offers safe, affordable housing for single working women with limited incomes.

The Nurturing Place is a childhood development center for infants and children of
homeless and low income parents.