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The House of Happiness Inc is in process of starting a clean water program in Haiti after noticing several challenges in our communities. Many of our students in our school, and in the community, walk for hours to access clean water. Lacking access to water means many things, like poor sanitation, higher risk of illnesses, and for students, time spent away from attending school. The House of Happiness Clean Water Program will install and maintains solar-powered, and water purification systems and wells in community-accessible locations. Each clean water site will be tested monthly by the house of happiness Haitian water technician.


Make an impact – Every dollar counts!

$1 – Covers the cost of testing a water quality

$5 – Purifies 10 gallons of water

$25 – Provides energy storage to operate a water purification system

$100 – Provides access to 200 gallons of clean drinking water for 10 families of five – enough for a whole week



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