Shorebird ID Workshop with Alvaro Jaramillo


Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2015

All Day

Location TBA

Shorebird migration is one of the most marvelous of all animal migrations! Some of these birds migrate from the southern hemisphere to the high Arctic in a very short and rapid migration. We are fortunate to live by San Francisco Bay, one of the world's most important migration stop-over areas for shorebirds. Apart from identification we will dig deep into bird behavior, physiology, ecology, and everything else that is relevant to this season and your enjoyment of migrating shorebirds. This is an opportunity for you to create depth to your shorebird identification skills, have a great time, and view many shorebird species. Alvaro Jaramillo is an expert on birds of California and North America and is a senior biologist at SFBBO. Please check out our staff page to learn more about him. This workshop is only open to current SFBBO members. To check on your membership status, please write to To renewal your membership or become a member, please click on the "Support Us" button on our website.

Shorebird ID Workshop with Alvaro Jaramillo

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Wednesday 08/15/2018

8:00AM PST

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