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Hello! Thank you so much for supporting Aaron's Presents and the 300+ kids who will be designing and leading 100+ projects benefiting thousands of individuals in their communities and beyond this year!

We are excited to announce our first $250K #WhatCanIGive growth campaign this fall to raise the funds we need to build for the future. We will be raising this additional funding over the next 4 years and steadily expanding our reach to more and more youth from all walks of life, with a particular focus on those from low-income backgrounds and communities who lack access to empowering opportunities to contribute "what they each can give" for the benefit of the larger community.

These funds also support the opportunities that we have been offering to our Alumni, such as larger volunteer service projects, scholarships to summer camps and other summer programs, SAT Prep classes, public speaking opportunities, and other personal growth and development workshops. These activities are all carefully selected to help our Alumni--largely teens from Lowell and Lawrence--continue nurturing their giving mindset and discovering and developing the unique gifts they have to contribute to the larger community. 

Thank you for giving so generously of your resources to Aaron's Presents and helping us develop a future generation of people who will use their unique qualities to care about and look out for the needs of others. Please share this with your friends and colleagues, and we would love for you to post a short #WhatCanIGive video of yourself describing something within you that you have to give to positively impact others--such as your interests, personality, family background, where you come from, etc. Everything about you makes you able to give and contribute in a way that no one else can!

THANK YOU for going on this joyful, hopeful journey with us!

Leah Okimoto
Founder & Executive Director
(978) 809-5487

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Wonderful organization. Keep up the good work!

Joe McBride

Wishing you luck on the on your annual fund raising! From the Treasury Operations Department of BCBSMA.


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