2018-19 Aaron's Presents Annual Fund

Inspiring kids to give of themselves for the good of the world.





Hello! Thank you so much for supporting Aaron's Presents and the 300+ kids who will be designing and leading 100+ projects benefiting thousands of individuals in their communities and beyond this year!

We are trying to raise the funds needed to support EVERY CHILD WHO WANTS TO GIVE while maintaining the unique qualities of our program: 1) completely voluntary on the kids' part, 2) accessible to any interested child regardless of resources or available adult support, 3) non-competitive and 4) specifically designed to appeal to and engage this age group.

Thank you for giving so generously of your resources to Aaron's Presents and helping us develop a future generation of people who will use their unique qualities to care about and look out for the needs of others. THANK YOU for going on this joyful, hopeful journey with us!

Leah Okimoto
Founder & Executive Director
(978) 809-5487

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