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I am James Steller, an avid amateur athlete, and board member of the Coupeville Schools Foundation, and parent of Grant Steller, a 8th grader in Coupeville Middle School.  Last year, you may remember Circumnavigate Whidbey by Foot, an effort that successfully raised about $15,000 that directly supported the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools.  Unfortunately, it also ended up with me in the hospital after day 2 BUT it was also had a wonderfully happy ending when the community rallied and finished it for me, relay style!  

That night, in the hospital, I promised my wife I wouldn't run over 31 miles at a time anymore so I avoid future scary hospital visits.  But I was inspired by our gorgeous island and how we all came together. 

May I present Circumnavigate Whidbey: 2018 - The Traverse!

What is Circumnavigate Whidbey:  2018 - The Traverse

On labor day weekend 2018, I am organizing a 2 day Circumnavigation of Whidbey Island.   Each day will be a combination of different human powered disciplines including running, road biking, kayaking and swimming!

Day 1 will start and end in Coupeville, circling the perimeter of the south end of Whidbey and will cover approximately 90 miles; 

Day 2 will start and end in Coupeville, circling the perimeter of the north end of Whidbey and will cover approximately 60 miles;

In total, we are talking 120 miles of biking, 24 miles of running, 8 miles of kayak, and 1 mile of swim

Fundraising to support the Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools

It is a worthy adventure, but the primary goal of this attempt is to raise money for this non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides roughly $25,000 per year to support Coupeville educators and scholarships for seniors.  Last year, Circumnavigate Whidbey generated $15,000 from supporters such as you!

Who is doing this?

  • James Steller, Coupeville Schools  Foundation Board Member , engineering manager, and father to Grant, a Coupeville 8th grader

  • Andrew Wyman - Dentist and father of 3 Coupeville kids, Tate (8th), Ayden (6th), and Devon (4th)

  • Greg White - Firefighter and father to 2 Coupeville kids, Cole (7th) and Riley (4th)

  • Neil Rixe - Coach and Volunteer, father to Coupeville kid - Madison (Senior)

Can I join?

I know that is exactly what you where wondering - if you are fit enough and willing to raise money for our Coupeville Schools, you can join us!  Email me at .  Besides good karma, great company and adventure, you get the advantage of the logistics and celebration planned out for you.

What is our goal? 

1.  No one gets hurt, ends up in the hospital or dies 

2. To raise at least $7500 to support the Foundation's great efforts

3. To finish and celebrate our island

How can you help?

1. Donate towards this worthy cause - Click the Donate Now button below 

I personally pledge to match every dollar donated, up to $2500!

2. Like the event on our Facebook page - share with all your friends

3.  Follow us on the weekend

4. Cheer for us, Celebrate With Us

Wait, there is more!  A raffle for a 2 night stay for 2 at our guesthouse!

1.  For every $100 of donations, you will be entered into a random raffle for a 2 night stay out our guesthouse in Coupeville for 2 people, looking out over the water/Olympics.  If you donate $100, you would be entered one time, if you donate $200, you would be entered 2 times.

2.  We will announce the random winner at the finish, on Sunday, but you won't need to be present.  We will email you
3.  Warning!  We have a small hobby farm which includes a rooster, soooo, he crows....
4.  We are not professionals at this, we will work together to find a date that works for both the winners/our schedule
5.  If things are getting too complicated, we reserve the right to refund your donation and forego the stay!

Thank you so much, in advance

James Steller


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Proud of your leadership James and sad I could not be there to participate with all of you this year!

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Please direct my donation to Circumnavigate Whidbey. Thanks!

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Thanks for all your efforts to help the kids!

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Thank you all for the time and effort you put in for our schools. You are AWESOME!

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