Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Council Seminar

Solving impossible problems the easy way


Come learn a NEW-PARADIGM strategy to 

-             dramatically improve meetings

-             facilitate breakthroughs to impossible issues

-             help people work through feelings to achieve clarity ... and

-             spark trust and the spirit of “We”

-             empower self and others

-             transform organizations and the community


Seminar leader: Jim Rough is a consultant who developed “Dynamic Facilitation” and “The Wisdom Council Process”, social innovations that are being used all over the world. He and others teach seminars in these new tools, helping to bring transformational change to individuals and organizations. Currently, Jim’s focus is help people realize how these tools can help us solve society’s most intractable issues. He is “Director of the Center for Wise Democracy” ( and author of the book, “Society’s Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People.” 

This seminar has been taught all over the world including London, Frankfurt, Denver, Moscow, Vienna, Bangkok, Washington D.C., Zurich, Singapore and Australia. The experiential format offers opportunities for significant personal growth and for making progress on issues you care about.  


Often after the seminar, local people form an ongoing practice group for further learning and sharing. 



"I'm more convinced than ever that Dynamic Facilitation and the Wisdom Council

provide the breakthrough of urgently needed tools to facilitate emergence in our society."

Dr. Manfred Hellrigl, Dir. Office of Future Related Issues, Vorarlberg Austria

"Jim Rough's Dynamic Facilitation Seminar teaches the most fluid, powerful form of consensus process

I know, which also happens to be key to the Wisdom Council, the most powerful democratic innovation I know."

                Tom Atlee, authorof The Tao of Democracy and Empowering Public Wisdom


 “My first DF’ing session went great! ... One participant, a Senior VP, said, 

  ‘I really like this method because that’s how my brain works.’”

                   Sarah Shumpert, DF seminar “graduate”

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