David Herrera Performance Company

a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers' Group.

Founded in 2007, David Herrera Performance Company prides itself in providing visibility, agency, & exposure of a diverse Latinx American experience within an American context. Rich in theatricality and immersed in visceral physical movement, the company makes its statement by weaving dance, story telling, text, music, and media into a textured conversation between Latino cultures and a multicultural audience.  The company is centered on equity and representation of Latinx peoples in modern dance arts as performers, choreographers, audience, curators, scholars, policy makers, teachers, and students.  We hope to create a lineage and network from which other Latinx artists can learn from and work with. DHPCo. is one of few predominantly Latino focused modern dance companies in the United States.  

Resurrection of Everyday People premieres in April 2019 at Z Space in San Francisco, marking the company’s 10th home season and twelves years of creating professional work.  This new audience immersive experience investigates how personal or collective loss affect communities of color, women, and disenfranchised individuals. The work highlights how loss, displacement, & survival can empower and create new communities through empathy.  When the national mindset is engulfed in extreme political tension, can empathy assist in building bridges?

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