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The BFEF is now accepting applications for HOST families for our interns. Currently, we have the opportunity to house two of our Interns. Intern hosts are always our most urgent need. You can host for just part of the school year. Interns are university students from Europe who assist in the classrooms in the target languages. Our students love their interns! They all speak English fluently.

Do you have a background in writing or any prior experience in journalism? BFEF is seeking a parent to lead the Franklin school Newspaper Club.

Solicit donations for the Gala and Silent Auction. We need help getting out to local businesses, finding products, or putting together experiences. No donation is too small or big! If we start this solicitation now, imagine how grand our Silent Auction and Gala will be! This does not have to require a lot of time. Ask your favorite restaurants, studios, and hang-outs if they will donate to our great school (we have a non-profit tax id and special forms to make this very easy for you).

Be a part of the Science Fair Committee. You do not need to run or manage this endeavor alone. It has taken place for the last two years with all the resources available to a willing committee. Or think outside the box and make it new. The sky is the limit! The preparation does not take long and can be done by sending out e-mails and flyers a month before the event. The actual Science Fair is a week- long collection of materials at drop off and one day of student presentation. Work the hours that fit your schedule.

Join the Fearless Film Festival Crew. We know we are lucky to live among many talented and creative members of “the industry”. Our school is filled with creative movie makers. The kids just need a format, venue, and red carpet! This is the third year this is taking place. Much of the work is already done. The Film Festival does not take place until April of 2019!

Our Green Team depends on a team of volunteers to keep our campus clean and beautiful. Weed, mulch, weave vines, pick up trash and water while enjoying pleasant conversation with other Franklin parents. Very flexible schedule and you choose your activity. No green thumb necessary!

Help us find Sponsorships! We can actually lasso the moon if everyone had one big donor connection. This can be done from the comfort of your own home, office, or group of friends. If you have experience finding donors or have connections we should contact, please pass them on. Soliciting donations is much easier when you know who to talk to.

Dance-a-thon is a fall fundraiser, and we always need help running the event (a big on-campus dance party), getting food, and keeping track of everything.

BFEF Maker Faire: This newer event is an arts, crafts, robotics, and DIY free-for-all on campus. If you're active in these areas, we need you. Teachers also do projects with their classes for the Faire.

Worldfest: This is an end-of-year festival on campus with carnival games, bouncy houses, and international food for sale by the parents. If you like to cook or bake, or can volunteer to help on the day of the event, please sign up.

PTA Book Fair: Books for sale in all of the target languages for all grades. This weeklong event entirely by parents, all profits go to our own PTA.

PTA Movie Night: Buy tickets to a popular movie that is screened in the Franklin Auditorium. All are welcome, and parent volunteers are always needed to screen the film, organize snacks, and get families to come join the fun.

PTA Parent-child socials: Fun themed events (disco night, Back to the Future) held on campus for parents and children.

PTA Red-Ribbon Week: a national PTA event to help children establish healthy habits; each day of the week is dedicated to one aspect of good health. Parents help with each day's Red Ribbon-themed activity.

Yearbook: Join our Yearbook team & help create the amazing memories that our kids will treasure forever. 


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