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Do people following the Swank Program do better than those who do not follow a diet? What if they follow the diet, but take supplements?

For several years, researchers at Bastyr University have been collecting data on the role diet and supplements play on MS severity and progression. Study participation has been increasing recently, and the researchers estimate (with your help), there will soon be enough individuals in the study to get some of these questions answered. Through this study, the Swank Foundation will have access to information related on individuals who follow a Swank Diet, food selections, supplements, and even each person’s intake of EPA & DHA.

How can you help?
** Donate **  Fundraising goal: $3000 before September 9th, 2016.  No amount is too small!  This is important work in a field that does not have much benefit of industry to move it forward. Your help can have a huge impact!

** Join the study **  The more individuals who participate, the more we learn. We hope to add at least 20 new participants to the study. Register online to participate in this study, and update your information once every 6 months. It is an online, internationally open study, and we invite anyone who has been diagnosed with MS or suspects that they may have MS to participate. You need not be under a doctor's care to join in. There is no cost to participants.

This fundraising date has been extended to September 9th, we will update you on the progress of the project.

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I think you are exactly on the right track!!!!

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I wish it could be more. Bill is gone now, but Dr. Swank added 34 years to his life at a time when even Dr. Swank gave him only a 10 year prognosis.

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