Make a difference in the life of a senior

Giving housing options to low-income seniors and vets



Preventing SENIOR Homelessness by creating solutions and giving options

Living on social security can be frightening by itself and then you are unable to find an affordable place to live.

What happens when life changes in an instant?
Death of a spouse, loss of a home, loss of a job?

Suddenly your income is going to an ill spouse to cover Assisted Living or Memory Care. Where does that leave the well spouse?

Over 700 individuals being age 62 or older revealed that just in the last 4 years they have been homeless. There has been a 53% increase in homelessness in people age 62 and over.

Help us create supervised independent housing which provides a secure SOLUTION for many seniors who cannot afford full rent, but may be able to pay for a portion. Think of it as "Golden Girls" style arrangement where several senior residents live together in a single house. Going above and beyond HUD and government housing by creating resources, referrals, and supervision which will promote healthy independent living, activities, amenities and maintenance needs.

Giving OPTIONS to seniors will help them not miss out on benefits that could help them cover food, housing, medication and other expenses because they are not aware of support programs for which they qualify, the Delia Foundation will work with seniors and veterans to discover resources and opportunities they may not have been aware of. 

Blu Village has a long-term goal of creating a "true" Blu-Village of small, affordable homes in a community environment. Small affordable housing with front porches, gardens, a community building along with our continued connections program. Watch for updates


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