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Together we can divert 60 tons of food waste from TN's landfills!


Join our statewide effort to keep tons of food and yard waste out of our Tennessee landfills and put back into our community's hands and gardens.

Are you ready to compost?!

Step 1: Read through this form for participation & contest details

Step 2. Scroll down to watch our instructional video to get started

Step 3: Then register to compost by clicking "First Time Composter" or "Existing Composter"

Step 4: Finally, order composting supplies from us if needed and join the Facebook group

Compost Competition Details-  Two categories

Did you know that you could win prizes for composting during our Come, Post Your Compost campaign? Contest prizes include but are not limited to:

  • $25 gift cards drawn at random approximately the 15th and 30th of each month
  • $50 gift cards drawn at the end of each month based on your survey participation, results, photos, and/or special “actions of the month”                                                                        

Don't want to compost but want to support this campaign financially?

Click here to donate to this campaign.   Click here to sponsor.

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