James and Shannon Miller - Aircraft Operation Fund

Discipleship, encouragement,& pastoral training to Native Alaskan Villages


We consider it to be a great blessing to be in Alaska with the opportunity to see how God has revealed different aspects of Himself in a culture that is different than our own.  Much of our ministry requires air travel to visit the remote villages where we minister.  The airplane that God has so graciously provided – a 7-seat Piper Cherokee Lance – is the means by which we can serve.

As with all things, the aircraft operations requires maintenance, fuel, and like items to keep it safely flying and our ministry moving forward.  One cannot pull off to the side of the road if a plane has issues.

If you would consider helping with these expenses, we would consider it a true blessing.

You can also aid us by becoming a fundraiser on our behalf.

Please always keep us in your prayers while flying to remote parts of Alaska.


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