Filipino Diaspora in a Forsaken World.

THE EARTH IS RUST. All organics have fully transitioned online or are scattered through the cosmos. You keep your head down and your mouth shut. You grind through your days and sleep through your nights. In your electric dreams there is a song you don’t remember when you wake up. Until one day you do. Welcome to your Forbidden Future.

Written by Golda Sargento, Ed Mabasa, and mgb. Directed by Joe Cascasan, Juan G. Berumen, and Judith Ferrer. Performed through live music, staged theater, and shadow puppetry. Inspired by classic sci-fi pulp fiction novels, cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic fiction, and Heavy Metal Magazine, Forbidden Future(s) is guaranteed to be a unique theater experience you won’t want to miss.

Featured Artwork belongs to the amazing Josan Gonzalez.

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