Wine-Down With Community Betterment

Sunday, October 21, 2018 from 1-3:30pm - Town Point Virginia Wine Festival

Thank you for your interest in supporting Betterment and this year's event recipient, Jeff DiFulgo.  We look forward to assisting Jeff and his family because we believe he embodies the spirit of philanthropy and volunteerism.  

On July 14 2018, a day at the beach turned life-threatening for Jeff. He dove head first into the water and mistakenly hit a sandbar. Jeff was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a spinal fracture that has paralyzed him from the chest down.  After spending time in the hospital, Jeff was released to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta.

In his role as a personal trainer at the Hilltop YMCA, Jeff has helped many people meet their fitness goals. In particular, Jeff took special interest in a gentleman named Willie who was in a wheelchair.  He spent over 3 years working with him which led Willie to eventually walk and stand.  Because of his efforts, the local news covered the story.

Jeff now finds himself in a wheelchair and needing a champion of his own. This is where you can help Betterment be that champion for Jeff.  We are hoping to help his family ready his home by providing funds for renovations that will make it more accessible for Jeff.  

Thank you for purchasing a ticket for the Wine Event or making an outright sponsorship to help Jeff!

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