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"The purpose of Spokane Angels is to walk alongside foster youth in the Spokane community through building positive relationships, providing mentorship and giving intentionally. With the support of the community, we strive to ensure that every child in the foster care system knows they are worthy and loved.

I want to tell you about my youngest boy. This sweetie was doing half days in school before he came to live with us. He spent a majority of his time in the principals office or running away from the resource officer. We took him and his brother in in January and the transformation has been incredible.  He’s a love bug, but you never would’ve guessed that before. People said that it did not look good for his future and he was only seven years old. In the spring we had four boys instead of just two. My sweetie really struggled during that time. Daniel and I would often talk about how we knew he needed our attention more, but our attention was spread so thinly with four boys. This is where an organization like Spokane Angels could’ve come into play." – Amber Swain

National Angels wraps community around children in foster care, as well as their caretakers, by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship-building, and mentorship. They accomplish this through their Love Box program, which matches dedicated volunteers with children in foster care and their families. Volunteers meet practical, everyday needs while building intentional relationships with the family they serve each month. When foster families are matched with committed volunteers, parents feel supported and children gain a sense of belonging and self-confidence.

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• Nationally, 50% of the homeless population spent time in foster care.

• Young women in foster care are more than 2x as likely as their peers (not in foster care) to become pregnant by age 19.

• Only about 50% of those who age out of care will obtain a high school diploma.

• 97% of children in foster care will not graduate from college, despite the fact that as wards of the state, they receive a full-ride to any state school of their choice.

It has been found that children who take part in the Love Box program:

-    Are less likely to move. (Did you know that children in care move, on average, 7 times in 2 years?)

-    Perform better in school.

-    Are beginning to form attachments.

-    Have increased self-worth.

-    Have a life plan when they age out. (youth are encouraged to join a branch of service, enroll in college, or enroll in a trade school upon aging out of the system.)

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller.

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God bless all of you for the work you are doing to help foster children! We would love to do a Painting with a Purpose for Spokane Angels every quarter, so please contact us again in 4 months & we will raise more money & awareness of your program!

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You are doing holy and important work, Amber...

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