Hurricane Florence Relief

I am sure each of you have been paying attention to the impact Florence has had in the Carolinas. We have connected with an organization we served with in Houston who has secured a distribution facility in Wilmington, NC. In order to provide items of immediate need, we need your support in 3 ways: 

For Hands In service to provide immediately needed items in our warehouse we need to raise $125 per pallet. We would like to send these items as early as next week. We currently have several pallets available. Please go to HISINC.ORG and send your support using the donate button. Place a note that says Florence pallet. We will make sure your funding is used to get these items where they can be used. 

Items you can donate: 

  • Cleaning supplies (bleach, contractor garbage bags, work gloves, Tyvek suits, brooms, shovels, buckets, cleaning tools, etc..) 
  • Bulk food, (Rice, Large cans of vegetables, Flower, Sugar, dried beans etc...) 
  • Baby items (diapers, baby wipes, powder, diaper rash cream etc.) 
  • Generators, 
  • Work tools, shovels(spade and flat ), rakes (Garden, Leaf Rakes), Clippers, Brooms, etc...) 
  • chain saws 

Soon there will also be a need for mosquito repellent in various forms. 

We will be collecting items at Calvary Church Souderton starting on Sunday, September 23rd 

Prayer: Please keep all organizations looking to help in your prayers. We all want to do the right thing, but we need God's wisdom to make that happen. Please keep all the victims in your prayers. 

Thanks for serving and supporting us. 

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