47th Annual Beautification Awards


Dear Neighbors,

Clearly you share our love of San Francisco and we hope that you will consider sponsoring our San Francisco Beautification Awards event coming up quickly. Please join us on Monday evening October 15th from 5:30-7:30 pm, at the Marine’s Memorial Club. San Francisco Beautiful honors the hard work and dedication of neighborhood individuals and groups for contributing beauty to our community. 

Every year in October, the Beautification Awards recognizes San Francisco residents who preserve the unique beauty that makes our City one of a kind. Hosted at the landmark Marine’s Memorial Club located at 609 Sutter Street, the Beautification Awards presents an ideal opportunity for individuals and businesses to become a sponsor and recognize people in our neighborhoods.


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Wendy Malla
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Thank you so San Francisco Beautiful for keeping the tradition of our city alive in this ever changing time, and empowering artists in our ever shrinking community of artists. Wendy Malla, Absolute Esthetics

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