Rodney Sparks (SSG., US Army) – Grand Prairie, TX

Recovery Through Water

We're addressing an important issue that affects many combat/service wounded veterans. They need to have access to personal aquatic therapy.

This campaign is to specifically help complete SSG Sparks' project. Everyone can help at one of the various donation levels. Learn about the ways you can make an impact and please share this with your family and friends! 

Your involvement is critical to our success in giving back to someone that has given so much for all of us. Thank again for your help and support!

Nature of Project: Swim Spa

Local Project Lead - TBD - Help Needed

If you’d like to participate in a phase of this project by donating product or labor please contact us at [email protected]!

My name is SSG Rodney Sparks my journey started with the Army in April 1987. I was deployed to the Gulf war, Bosnia, Haiti and again to Iraq in 2004.I was with 27th MSB 1st Cav Fort Hood Texas, we were deployed to Camp TAJI and were the main transportation for that region. On that deployment I encountered multiple IED's and RPG attacks, as well ground attacks that led to my injuries. As a result I suffer with PTSD and mobility issues. I have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my hips which has led to one total hip replacement and eventually another because of the state of the bone. In addition to that I have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my back that caused bulging in 2 disc. This led to several outpatient procedures and two long-term recovery surgeries to address the issues with my back. The back fusion surgeries had to be done twice due to the equipment put in my body became loose and had to be partially removed. This made it very difficult to impossible to exercise. I am so thankful to be blessed that Water For A Warrior has chosen me to receive a swim spa. Aquatics is the only way for me to get exercise without pain and bad inflammation. I want to thank Water For A Warrior for helping me in my time of need; at 52 years old this will help with my quality of life, mobility and workout and most importantly motivation overall.

 Thank you for your help and

Rodney Sparks


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