Organize a Mani-Mixer

Spend time pampering those who need it most.


  1. You’ve identified an interested organization, the next step is to schedule an in-person meeting with the shelter’s Volunteer Coordinator where you can tour the facility and get a look at the space available and select a mutually convenient date for the event. Also get an estimate of attendees from the shelter.  We advise that you have a ratio of 1 manicurist for every 2-3 guests.
  2. Once you have scheduled your event, you can then order a Mani-Mixer Kit to be shipped to the shelter or you can bring your own supplies.  All orders for a Mani-Mixer Kit must be made at least 6 weeks prior to your scheduled event. Mani-Mixer Kits will be shipped directly to the shelter.
  3. Ask the Shelter Coordinator the age range and number of children you might expect at this event.  All children are encouraged to get their nails done but some children may have no interest.e want to make sure we have entertainment for the kids so  mom can relax!
  4. Create an event and include these following volunteer types:
    • Manicurists: You’ll want 2-3 per participant. Manicurists will be applying wraps and/or lacquer to participants during the event.
    • Child-entertainment coordinator: You’ll only need one of these. The Child-entertainment coordinator is responsible for the activity and materials needed for the activity (entertainment ideas are provided in the “Resources” section below).
    • Child-entertainment volunteers: 2-3 depending on the number of children you are expecting. These volunteers will assist the Child-entertainment coordinator.
    • Additional Items: SignUpGenius allows you to list items you might need volunteers to bring such as mini-heaters, blow-dryers, powerstrips, children’s activities, etc.

Friends and family are welcome to volunteer, we just ask that all volunteers are at least 18 years old.  When setting up your event, remember to schedule reminder emails for your volunteers, so the date and time won’t slip their minds. SignUpGenius makes this easy.

  1. Make sure your volunteers have gone through the Mani-Mixer Shelter Confidentiality Training
  2. Display event posters at the facility 1 week prior to the event: Make your own custom poster here.


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I'm so excited to be able to sponsor a mani mixer for the Willow Domestic Violence Shelter! It is one small contribution that I can do that helps women feel a little bit better about themselves so that they can see their own worth!

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