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The miracle of Maharaj-ji’s abundance continues to manifest!

From December 2017 through August 2018, devotees and friends contributed a total of $201,795 and construction has been continuing steadily. Through everyone's incredible support, we successfully raised all of the funds required to meet our initial goal and were able to complete the design and approval processes, ground breaking, and a significant portion of the construction. 

As we enter the second phase of fund raising, we're seeking $400,000 to finish the construction, interior design, and landscaping required for occupancy.

After this phase is complete, we will have a special, final round of fund raising to support the professional moving and re-painting of Hanuman-ji and the purchase of His Puja items. 

It has been said that Maharaj-ji did not seek funds to build His temples; rather, the funds and building materials came when needed: An endeavor such as this can only be accomplished by Him! Through Baba’s Grace and everyone’s continued support, Sri Hanuman-ji will be in His new home in time for Hanuman Jayanti!

Many more details on the history and progress of the project, as well as pictures of the current construction are below. 

Thank you for your continued support! Ram Ram! 

“Maharaj-ji had Hanuman in every temple He built. That’s a clue, that Hanuman is important to Maharaj-ji. In building this Hanuman temple, we sevites respond to Maharaj-ji’s love for Hanuman. Building this temple is bringing us closer to Maharaj-ji. This temple will be a gathering place for devotees, who through Hanuman will come to know Maharaj-ji. I visited Jaipur, the place where Hanuman was made. I met the family that carved Hanuman. They were excited to make our flying Hanuman, who would fly over the ocean to the USA and now Hanuman will reside in a beautiful new temple made just for Him. My heart is happy and filled with joy!” – Ram Dass

Maharaj-ji’s Taos ashram was established over forty years ago when our Hanuman-ji, commissioned by Ram Dass, arrived in the U.S. The ashram began as a humble and informal gathering place for devotees to remember Baba, share stories and food, and to enjoy the company of satsang. In 1981, the milking room in the 100-year-old adobe barn was converted into a tranquil temple room where Hanuman was installed. To this day, Hanuman-ji still sits on part of the original mango wooden crate in which he made the long journey from India to America. Read about Hanuman’s Journey to America at:

This is the only Hanuman mandir being constructed in Maharaj-ji’s name in the United States at this time, following Baba’s long and loving tradition of building Hanuman temples throughout India for the benefit of the surrounding communities.

Construction of Hanuman’s New Temple began in September 2016 with a fire puja and we've been amazed at how quickly the construction has moved. The nearly completed temple is already a beautiful addition to this sacred ground. 

As Maharaj-ji’s teachings and Hanuman-ji’s example of unconditional love and seva spread, the temple has become a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of devotees and visitors who come for darshan. Having outgrown our small multi-use space, we put plans in place to build this new Mandir that would meet our growing communities needs and provide the home we promised Hanuman-ji nearly 40 years ago when we first opened His crate in Taos. 

As in the Ramayana, Hanuman has brought Ram’s ring to Sita. Hanuman’s message brings the promise of love and faith, a faith that moves mountains. His presence reunites Sita with Ram; our souls with the Supreme.

In the Taos temple, Hanuman-ji plays a special role in the transmission of devotion and wisdom, and His mission to deliver Ram’s ring to Sita is a reality!

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