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Carnicom Institute (CI)  is seeking a panel of three volunteers to moderate the CI Community Health Professional Network (CHPN).

The purpose of the CHPN is to organize and coordinate health practitioners and professionals regarding the Morgellons health condition. You may learn more about the purpose of the CHPN here (click this link):

The role of volunteers is to promote and encourage constructive dialogue within CHPN, and to promote the mission of the project. The panelists should possess professional level communication skills.   Participants should have and demonstrate a commitment to public health needs, interests, and issues. Proficiency is required in such areas as administration, project management, health professions, writing, public speaking, and computer technology. One of the panelists selected will act as a senior moderator.

Interviews will be conducted with the applicants.  Staffing is subject to change at any time and and positions held will be dependent upon performance.  Reporting and discussion of the CHPN progress and status will take place at periodic intervals.

The CHPN is to be conducted in an ethical, courteous and constructive manner, and the panelists are expected to adhere to those standards. The methods and proposals of health related discussion will be required to follow objective scientific principles. A civil forum is to be maintained and disruptive discord will not be permitted within the network.  Panelists should be familiar or become familiar with the research of Carnicom Institute as well as research available within the literature.

If you are interested in volunteering and committing to this project, please submit a statement of Interest to Carnicom Institute at

Thank you kindly,

Clifford E Carnicom
President, Carnicom Institute

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