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Thousands of migrants from throughout Central America have joined the exodus that originated in Honduras, which is currently resuming its advance towards the U.S after initially being violently repressed at Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala by Mexican authorities. The Trump administration has targeted this mobilization with threats to close the U.S-Mexico border and extend the shoot first, ask questions later policy. The caravan is the latest in a series of similar initiatives (including faith-based initiatives emulating the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week) that date back over a decade, reflecting the persistent crisis of forced migration that is intensifying throughout the region. This has included efforts to intimidate illegitimate régimes in Guatemala and Honduras to join Mexico in repressing and containing these flows, without any commensurate efforts to address their root causes.  The National Lawyers Guild seeks to address the root causes of the exodus and hold responsible and accountable these states for their complicity in serious transnational human rights crimes related to the efforts to repress and intimidate the exodus, and as to its structural origins.


Demanding that your congressional representatives speak out in support of the exodus and NLG efforts to bring human right order to the disorder and against any retaliatory measures at the U.S-Mexico border: no more militarization of the border, nor criminalization of migrants or asylum seekers or family separation or detention!

Joining us in Mexico City Nov. 5th-18 for know your rights workshops for the migrants being organized by the NLG, or by donating online to support these hearings at:, designating the exodus as the intended recipient).

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