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A warm shower is something most people take for granted. But for people experiencing homelessness in Macomb County getting clean is very challenging.

Here’s why:

  • In Macomb County there is one organization offering “walk in” showers for the 2,000+ men, women and children experiencing homelessness on a daily basis (Salvation Army, serving approximate total of 15 people on most days).

  • Three area churches offer a limited shower program:

    • Once a week for an hour, or by appointment
    • Two of which are not easily accessible for many who make their homes in and around Mount Clemens (1h 51 min walk, or 3h 1 min walk)
    • One of the programs requires an I.D.

Current Daily "Walk In" Shower Facilities:

“Lack of access to safe, sufficient and affordable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities has a devastating effect on the health, dignity and prosperity of billions of people, and has significant consequences for the realization of other human rights.” -United Nations

“A lot of times that (showers) is the least of our priorities when you’re in survival mode. Getting clean is a luxury. You’re too busy trying to survive the day to day.”

“It’s (mobile showers) a good investment in humanity, and a good investment in the community.”

-Kelly, a homeless Macomb County resident

Our Plan

Through the generosity of private and institutional donors WAVE Project will commission the fabrication of a custom shower trailer that will be pulled by a full size pickup truck. The shower trailer will feature three private showers (each with its own changing area and toilet). It will also be engineered with the “Arctic Package” to withstand the demands of Michigan weather. The truck and trailer will be operated by WAVE Project volunteers, and will make stops at partner organizations serving the homeless. On service days, we hope to provide 50 -75 showers per day in and around Metro Detroit.

We firmly believe in the power of community, and need your help to make our Project a reality.

Help us love individuals experiencing homelessness in Metro Detroit by making showers accessible and available. Your donation will directly support our mission on the streets of Metro Detroit.

What Will It Look Like?

The WAVE Project Team & Story

Dale Pittman, Sarah Pittman, Todd Burk, Laura Gordon, Todd Gordon, Chris Bokmuller

Established in 2018, WAVE Project is the product of a collection of friends that was brought together through the common threads of faith and a desire to serve in the community. The founding six members of WAVE Project met while attending a multi-site church located in suburban Detroit. This group is comprised of multigenerational people that come from a broad range of professional backgrounds: dental, education, finance, and ministry.

While serving within traditional structures at different locations of the same church (arts, child care, small groups, etc.) members of WAVE Project felt inspired to mobilize in order to serve the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. The goal is to recruit, equip, and support people that are passionate about making a  difference. This family oriented project was designed from the start to be relational, not transactional. WAVE Project (welcoming all valuing everyone) is a community supported and intensive organization that strives to build relationships while serving needs.

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