DADCAMP Financial Assistance Application

The following Financial Assistance Application is to be used by families who need financial assistance to participate in a DADCAMP weekend event (excludes international trips). These funds are intended to provide an opportunity for a Dad and his child who otherwise would be financially unable to participate in the DADCAMP weekend event. 

How To Apply:  The following guidelines have been established for applying for financial assistance to attend a DADCAMP weekend event. 


1. Please fill out the Financial Assistance Application in full using the link below.  The application will automatically be submitted upon completion.

2. Participants should ideally bear some portion of the activity cost.  Except for extreme financial situations, we believe that everyone can and should pay something.  It is further expected that local churches and/or county groups will also provide some assistance if possible.  Therefore, very few 100% scholarships will be awarded.  

3. DADCAMP wants to assist as many Dads as possible; however, there is a limited amount of funding available for financial assistance. These funds will be distributed among as many different individuals as feasible. Therefore, individuals requesting assistance for a second event will not receive as high a priority as someone who has not previously received assistance.

4. Use a separate Financial Assistance Application for each DADCAMP event.  

5. Receiving financial assistance does not register you for the DADCAMP weekend. Online registration must be completed.  If approved, a discount code will be provided for registration checkout.   


Financial Assistance Application