Hospitality House Is Going Solar

Help the shelter save money and go green!

Good Sun is collaborating with California Solar Electric Company to install a rooftop solar PV system at the Hospitality House "Utah's Place" homeless shelter in Grass Valley, CA. The solar system will off-set utility costs and allow Hospitality House to reinvest the savings back into the homeless shelter.

Good Sun is donating time (project management & organization) and about $30k worth of solar panels and other materials to the project, while Cal Solar is donating design time and installation labor to the project. Together we are working to install a solar array on the roof of the shelter that will generate on-site power for the facility.

Generating their own power means that the shelter does not need to purchase as much electricity from the utility (PG&E). This translates to the shelter saving roughly $2,500 annually. So, in essence, Good Sun and Cal Solar are helping to create a recurring fundraiser that generates ~$2,500 to the shelter every year, for the next 20 years!

Will you help us create this recurring, clean energy, money-generating solution for the shelter?

If we receive enough donations, perhaps we will be able to expand the project and save the shelter even more money!

If you are wondering why we are working on this project, the answer is simple: we want to support our community and help to improve the lives of people who may need a helping hand. We believe in community and we believe in doing our part to make our community (both local and global) a better place to live and thrive.

We are not "in it for the money" (hence the non-profit). We are in it to do good. Will you join us?

How would you like to support?


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