Hi! I'm Krystle.  Some of you might know me from the volunteer events at Frankie and Andy's Place. My claim to fame was being Andy's mom, the best dog that ever lived.  But that's a story for another time. I want to share with you how I'm going to take Frankie and Andy's Place across the pond, or "Frankie Goes to London".


For those of you who are new to Frankie and Andy's Place, check out our Facebook page to see what we are all about, or visit our website and look at all the adorable and wonderful pups that have been rescued.  Frankie and Andy's Place is a unique combination of senior dog shelter and emotional healing center for troubled humans. It's a healing collaboration between man and his best friend.  These dogs may have been cast aside by their owners or come from pretty awful situations, but they still have so much love left to give, and we make sure they know they are loved and valued and enjoy their later years with soft beds, homemade food, and plenty of snuggles from all the volunteers.


More about Frankie Goes to London...Two of my passions are running marathons and rescuing dogs. We realized there was a way to combine both of those things, raise money for the seniors, and have a lot of fun in the process.  One of the goals I have been working on for a few years is to complete the Abbott World Major Marathons.  There are six of them (New York City, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Boston and Chicago) and London is my last one to complete the goal.  It's a big accomplishment for me since some of those marathons can be pretty tough to get into, and I wanted to run the last one for charity because it's good to give back when you are getting so much in return.  I'm very grateful for this opportunity and thought we could all share in the success.


Our goal is to raise $20,000. We are asking you to donate $26/month to FAAP until the marathon date (April 26, 2020).  That's 10 months away, so $260 to "Frankie Goes to London". You can also donate $260 at one time.  I'm asking for 50 people to sign up for a monthly donation of $26/month before the end of July, and when that happens, the coaching group I train and race with, ITL Coaching and Performance, will back your donations with a $2600 match.


Twenty-six dollars or $260 may seem like an odd amount.  But remember, the marathon is 26.2 miles and the story of why it's an odd length--26 miles and 385 yards--is a result of the marathon being ran in London in 1908.  You may think the marathon distance was what Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens in ancient Greece.  However, that was only 24.85 miles.  When the Olympics Marathon came to London in 1908, rumor has it that the royal family wanted a better view of the race, and wanted the runners to start in front of the Castle and finish at the royal family box at the stadium, so they had it extended to 26.2 miles. And it has stayed that distance ever since 1908.  Whatever the reason, it seems like a great place to finish my marathon journey in London!


Besides monthly donations, we will also host a charity dinner at Haven--Word of Mouth Restaurant Group (I should note my third passion would definitely be food). We will update the website with the date and dinner menu (and wine-pairing) soon!  Be on the lookout for that! We have a few corporate sponsors and are always looking for more.  And if you would like to come on a training run with me to gear up for "Frankie Goes to London", that would be fantastic as well.

Let's start this journey of "Frankie Goes to London" and make it a huge success for the senior pups! Happy Running! 

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