Annual fundraising event for Egypt Scholars - 2016

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While our website includes most of the details that will help you decide to support our cause, we list below general questions and answers.

What have we achieved so far?

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Why do we need fund?

The purpose of this annual crowd-funding campaign is to propel Egypt Scholars to new heights by maintaining and expanding our programs and services as well as ensure the continuity and quality of existing programs throughout 2016 and partially 2017. As a mission-based organization, we would like to keep all our services, products, and activities free to everyone. As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations and funding to help us hire people at different positions, pay for our IT platforms, and expand our plans for more achievements and more sustainability. The more funding and support we get, the more people we can serve, and the more impact we can have.

What are we trying to achieve in the coming 12 months?

In numbers, we would like to:

1) Educate and train 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students on the fundamental of scientific research though effective interaction with highly-qualified mentors and instructors from across the globe using MOOC platforms.

2) Provide counseling services on studying abroad and multi-disciplinary research topics for a minimum of 5,000 cases

3) Provide application review services for 100+ graduate students and help them through 1-1 sessions get the highest chance of getting a scholarship in a highly-ranked institution.

4) Publish our second free e-book on the fundamentals of scientific research in Arabic. We believe this book will impact the understanding and practice of tens if not hundreds of thousands of students across Egypt and Arab region.

5) Build a Research and Education Wiki and community platform to boost the engagement and interaction among students, researchers, academicians, and professionals. We aim to develop this system to support a minimum of 1000 active users.

6) Hire people at critical management and coordination roles and pay for freelancers to support our effort. 

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help such as:

1) Donate to our cause by choosing one of the packages.

2) Become a fundraiser by applying and choosing a target you can help us achieve through your friends, family, and your network in general.

3) Spread the campaign and encourage people to participate.


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