New Babies on the Block

DBFA's New and Expecting Parent Socials

New Babies on the Block Social!  

Are you a new or expecting parent?  Looking for resources for families living in Baltimore City?  Interested in meeting other new or expecting families?  Then join the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance for the "New Babies" on the Block Social!   Link up with new friends to keep you company after a sleepless night, commiserate about the unending laundry, and- of course!- share the joy of new parenthood. We'll have some seasoned veteran parents on hand for questions and to help you navigate city living with baby in tow. 

We host 4 events a year in various locations around the city.  Click on the images below for exact dates and to register.

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Recent Activity

  • Meagan Shipley - Registration & Mailing list - $0.00 - Feb 20, 2017.

    I'm due March 4th! Looking to meet more new mom's in the area!

  • Catherine Kiser - Registration - $0.00 - Feb 17, 2017.

  • Sarah Barr - Registration & Mailing list - $0.00 - Feb 10, 2017.

  • Matthew Berry - Mailing list - Jan 06, 2017.

  • Shelly Choo - Mailing list - Jan 06, 2017.

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