Keep a Family Together

Families protect children. We protect families.

Most of the harm and suffering children are thrust into around the world, such as

• Trafficking • Orphaning • Malnutrition

• Child labor • Illiteracy • Abuse

is because their parents don’t have the support and friendships that you and I often take for granted to help keep our families together and make them strong. 

Imagine trying to raise your family with no education and no skills. You would have no idea how to keep your children healthy and no idea what to do when they’re sick. Imagine facing a crisis all alone with no friends to provide hope and a helping hand to make it through.

Without friendships, savings, education, and other safety nets that you have access to your family could not survive a crisis. You would not be able to protect your own children.

$25/month to save 1 family

You can be the answer to a mother and father’s prayers. You can prove there is a God in heaven who loves them and has not forgotten their family. You can give hope, by meeting their family’s greatest needs in the most practical ways. You can send a friend who will walk beside them with the love of Jesus.

$25/month to save 1 family

The Charis Project has been protecting children and supporting families in crisis on the Thai/Myanmar border for over 10 years. When you join us your support puts into action a research-based, best practices approach to child protection informed by on the ground experience.

$25/month to save 1 family

We guarantee that ALL of your donation will help families in crisis.

For more information about the danger families are in and the problems they face go here.

When I received the gifts

from The Charis Project

I was able to face

my issues

and overcome them. 

Thin Thin Chu - Former client

$25/month to save 1 family

If your family was struggling to survive, and you couldn’t even afford to feed your 
children, what would you pray for….. for your own family?

$25/month to save 1 family

For $25/month you can give hope and strength to parents who think their only choice is to give their children away. You can save them from that choice.


For updates on how our

proven method is helping

families in the worst conditions

to not only survive,

but flourish.

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Will you be one of the 200 people we’re inviting to join us this month?

Will you be one of those to decide,

“I’ll be a hero for a family in need. I’ll give another parent what I would want if my family

were in such a horrible situation. I will make sure they know that someone cares about

them. ”

Children are in immediate danger, right now. They need someone like you to help keep their family together,


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