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Prior to Covid, Every Day in America, 7 Young People between 15 - 20 Years-old would Leave Home - and never return!  800 More were injured, many of them seriously, all due to car crashes. Tragically, despite a huge decrease in traffic on the road, the number of fatalities actually increased during the Pandemic! (see the 2020 NHTSA report here.)

To put this in perspective, the average commercial jet holds 150 passengers. 
Imagine 17 of these planes - filled with teenagers - crashing every year and leaving no survivors!

Imagine the news coverage and the public outrage!

This is happening every day, right here in our communities, and hardly anyone notices - until it happens to someone we know

The BAD NEWS is that the vast majority of these          tragedies were, and are,      100% preventable.

That's also the GOOD NEWS - because it means we can change it - starting today!

We have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal ('BHAG' for short.) Our 'BHAG' is to donate 1 Million of our life-saving decals to High Schools in all 50 states.

The objective is to get them placed into every vehicle driven by a newly-licensed or soon-to-be-licensed teenage driver (1 Million to start)

Our many years of experience have taught us that Safety is a mindset, and Safe Driving is no different. The 5 Essential Actions for Safe DrivingTM must be 'Top of Mind' each time our Teenagers get behind the wheel. 

Our decal (shown above, to the right) provides the perfect solution!

It's the ideal size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") to be placed on the steering column or dashboard of every vehicle driven by a 15-20 year-old (don't worry, we use ultra-removable adhesive so the vehicle's interior will not be damaged and the decal can be removed and re-positioned easily) 

Why are we doing this? It's time to STOP tolerating this killer of our kids! We must change the tired old 'Lecture' and 'Pledge' narratives, and replace them with the ONLY way to make a lasting difference - TEACH and TRAIN. As I've said hundreds of times before - we currently don't train our kids to 'drive' we train them how to 'operate a motor vehicle' We need to start TRAINING them in the areas that cause 9 out of 10 crashes (the mental aspects of driving) and then HELP them form long-term safe driving habits through reminders like our decal.

We distribute the decals through participating High Schools and DMVs in all 50 States, beginning with the highest-risk districts in each state. These are identified using statistics from various agencies including the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. (NHTSA) and the Governor's Highway Safety Assn. (GHSA)

Please contact me directly with any questions, or for information on how to get our life-saving decals for your school district - at little to no cost! 

Bob Ragazzo - Certified Defensive Driving Instructor

Executive Director - The Parent's Coalition to Stop Teen Driving Deaths NOW! (a non-profit, 501c3 company)

directline:1-908-473-9911/email: [email protected]

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