Be the Change Collective

Be the Change Collective's mission is to offer accessible, inclusive wellness & healing for mind, body, spirit, and community, rooted in San Jose. We do this through numerous programs:

Conscious San Jose

CSJ is social movement that unites our communities through collaboration, connection, and compassion. We offer creative wellness events in public spaces, including free Summer yoga & wellness in the park, our annual Conscious San Jose Festival, and other celebrations.

Conscious San Jose Festival brings together diverse and accessible yoga & wellness offerings, a free family and youth wellness program, community services for those in need (such as showers, haircuts, etc), and a celebration of San Jose Arts & Wellness culture. The festival is free and made possible by generous donations from our community.

Youth Empowerment

BTC Collective spans its service out into our community through trauma-informed youth yoga & mindfulness programs for our underrepresented young people in San Jose. Our focus is providing yoga & wellness resources to homeless and low-income teens & young adults, partnering with local high schools, Bill Wilson Center, Job Corps, and other Social Service agencies. Thanks to the generous donations of our community, we are able to support the coping, resilience, growth, and ultimate thriving of young people through mentorship, opportunity, and holistic support.

Together, let's inspire positive change from through yoga, elevating the vitality of our whole community! Thank you for Being apart of BTC Collective.


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