Traveling Face-to-Face Video Calls with Migrants

Facing Humanity 2018 Fall Road Trip Across America

Facing Humanity is a group of people from around the country who came together in June when the United States government implemented a shocking policy to separate children from their parents seeking asylum at the border. Even though the executive order was signed on June 20th to end the separation of children, we are concerned that migrants crossing the border and immigrants regardless of their status are scapegoated, mistreated, and misunderstood.

We decided to find ways to address the issues at the core of this crisis: dehumanization, disinformation, and disconnection.

We believe that voters need to hear directly from migrants and immigrants as we make critical decisions about our future. We are currently organizing face-to-face video conversations working with shelters on the border and immigrant communities across the country. 

Starting at the end of September, we will take a road trip across America in a camper customized for video calls and share some of the conversations live on Facebook. We believe that participating in face-to-face in video calls in an intimate setting will impact how people will see one another. 

In some cases, we hope that people will have a change of heart. In other cases, we hope that people create meaningful social connections that will grow into a powerful social network.

We believe that face-to-face calls and meetings will go a long way to humanize dehumanized groups, spread new information about issues through personal narratives, and connect participants to one another in a meaningful way. We aim to build a peer-to-peer national dialogue.

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