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MREA is a hub for renewable energy education and advocacy in Montana. Our community includes small businesses like solar and wind installers, farmers and ranchers, and even ski hills and coffee shops. It includes community centers, faith groups, schools and libraries, and municipalities. And it includes individuals, households, and students. We are united by a shared purpose and vision: a Montana full of clean, independent, resilient communities. Thank you for supporting our work to help make this common vision a reality. 

Our community successfully protects key energy policies, like net metering, through lobbying and citizen advocacy at the State Legislature and through active participation before the Montana Public Service Commission. We educate students and Montanans of all ages about the benefits of renewable energy through presentation and community events like our annual Montana Clean Energy Fair. We promote and support the safe and steady growth of the renewable energy industry through trainings and other industry event. And we actively support the expansion of renewable energy development in Montana, which is seeing an increase in home energy systems, large-scale wind development, and utility-scale solar. WIthout support like yours, none of this would be possible. 

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