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Chris Searles created BioIntegrity in late 2014 out of pure desire to create winning change in the climate and species extinction crises. In the first iteration of BioIntegrity (2014-2019) Chris worked to create positive messaging around the value of prioritizing protection and restoration of Earth's tropical forests, and connecting people from all walks of life to a greater relationship with Earth's biodiversity. “BioIntegrity 1.0 connected 100s of donors to the globally-strategic conservation and restoration .orgs, Rainforest Trust and Plant With Purpose. BioIntegrity's support of Rainforest Trust has helped the BioIntegrity Community, Rainforest Trust, and Rainforest Trust's vast network of Indigenous and community-based partners, protect more than 375,000 acres of old-growth Tropical Forests around the world since late 2014. Read our five year impacts report for more info on that period. 



Globally-Strategic Conservation  

Snapshot from protecting +375,000 acres of Tropical Forests:

  • 75+ million trees 
  • 1+ million microbial species
  • 25+ thousand plant and animal species
  • 90+ million tons ecosystem-stored CO2
  • 2+ million peoples' annual oxygen supply
  • 6+ billion gallons annual freshwater filtration
  • 300+ thousand tons annual atmospheric CO2 removal 
  • Helping 400+ Indigenous communities establish legal title or occupation rights to their homelands, and/or access financial support to engage in community-led, biospherically-regenerative, economic development and empowerment.


Additional programs & activities: 

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  • 2022 In Review
  • 2014-2023 Milestones
  • Called to Care
  • Value of Biosphere Earth
  • Biospheric Climate Solution
  • How to Reverse Drought
  • Called to Care
  • G.I.F.T. Fest
  • Rainmakers
  • Ongoing email

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    BioIntegrity Partnerships

    BioIntegrity, now transitioning out of “2.0 phase, still fundamentally promotes 1) the most globally-beneficial ways to stop and reverse the climate and species extinction crises, and 2) a vision for global biospheric restoration, which builds a brighter future for all on the one planet we can all agree matters most. We do this by producing education (, social media (, events (,, Called to Care, public lectures, Zoom workshops, ongoing email series) and content (email series, The BioIntegrity Podcast,, The AllCreation Podcast, The Biospheric Climate Solution, Chris Searles' essays and science briefs, and more) for various audiences. Updates on all of this soon.  


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    "BioIntegrity Partnerships", dba. BioIntegrity, is our nonprofit. We are fiscally-sponsored nonprofit project of the larger, 501(c)3 organization, Social Good Fund. If writing a check, please make your donation to Social Good Fund and notate "BioIntegrity" with your gift. The Tax ID for Social Good Fund / BioIntegrity Partnerships is 46-1323531. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. Contact us anytime with questions. Thank You!