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A gift shop to support our youths struggles for peace, healing and justice!

Since 2005, BAY-Peace has been empowering youth to become leaders in the movement against the systemic racism and violence that have wreaked havoc on our communities for hundreds of years. The inhumane and increasingly militarized tactics by police and law enforcement have since posed an urgent threat to the health and safety of our Black and Brown bodies and especially youth. 

We believe that through training youth impacted by violence as leaders in the arts, education and community organizing, we can build better alternatives one classroom and one creation at a time. Help us center their leadership and voices as we support them in creating transformative art work that not only aids in their own healing but also inspires the community at large. We honor the inherent value in the energy that youth organizers offer in support of grassroots efforts. 

To help fundraise for our leadership development programs, we've collectively created an assortment of swag & stationary centering community based voices and values. With your BAY-Peace donation, receive your gift of choice to symbolize your own commitment in building  a better community, peace, healing and justice for our youth!

Thank you to our collaborators! Oakland based artisans Keez Designs and  Geoknotic.


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Name coco thai and izzy forever pete and thai lu
Activity Type Item, Mailing list
Amount $30.00
Date 04/27/24
Message hey y'all love u - this is a partial gift for my homie thai cuz we just lost our friend izzy in la - so if you can package it nicely with care and maybe add some stickers or buttons or something - i can add a donation for whatever other cute bits and bobs you add to it, but if you can make it super special while thai mourns, that would be cooooool. love y'all xoxoxoxoxoxo
Name Quishayla A
Activity Type App Payment
Amount $50.00
Date 03/16/24
Name Allison Banister
Activity Type Item, Mailing list
Amount $90.00
Date 01/10/24
Name Kristian Torres
Activity Type Item, Mailing list
Amount $45.00
Date 10/09/23
Message Long overdo for some merch 🤎💙
Name Sara Tiras
Activity Type Item, Mailing list
Amount $10.00
Date 08/21/23

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