Earth Walk

Our goal is to raise $5000 to launch our first Earth Walk Sites

According to The World Bank, Our Earth provides $4Trillion in life support services each year.

Indigenous People understood the value of these services and honored nature with songs, blessings, and dance.  It was core to their culture to be mindful and thankful for the abundance nature provided that sustained them - then and now.

An Earth Walk is another term for Forest Bathing ( Shin-Rin-Yoku ), Mindful Walking or Nature Immersion. As you slow down to immerse yourself in the subtle flavors of nature, your entire system begins to recover its harmony to health:

Sustainable Tahoe is facilitating the emergence of ‘Earth Walks’ throughout the Washoe Territory of the Tahoe watershed, as part of our Geotourism initiative. The most helpful thing Tahoe visitors can do, is to embrace and elevate the culture of stewardship held by the original Washoe people for 10,000 years. With over 30M visitors coming to Tahoe each year, our precious Lake will not survive without visitors embracing stewardship at some level. Earth Walks make stewardship fun and rewarding.

Our 2020 goal is to create 20 sites between South Lake and Pyramid Lake. We are asking your help to launch the first two sites on North Shore. Each site will showcase a native Galis Dungal (Washoe shelter) near a loop trail (a mile or less) of unique terrain, have parking, bathrooms and a place to obtain the interactive Earth Walk Guide.  Each site costs about $12,000 to create. We need $5,000 to launch our 2 sites in Incline Village and Tahoe Vistana (the North shore of Lake Tahoe)...thus this campaign. In asking you to be a part of inspiring stewardship for our national treasure, for...

Donations of:

     $25 - 1 Gratitude Ornament

     $50 - Earth Walk Guide book

     $75 - Earth Walk Guide book with faux leather cover, coloring pencils

    • $100 - Earth Walk Guide book in engraved leather booklet cover with zippered colored pencil pocket

*Gratitude Ornaments:


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